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Tibetan Children's Treasure

Tibetan Children's Treasure

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Tibetan Children's Education Center (TCEC) a not-for-profit Charitable Trust with Registeration Number 577/2006 and it is based at Gankyi near the Tibetan Library, Dharamsala -the exile seat of His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama and Exile Tibetan Government in India. TCEC was grateful to INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGNS FOR A FREE TIBET'S ROWEL FUND 2005, which helped us to find an office with necessary equipments, wherein we formally started operating our activities from the January 2006. Pior to that, we had been undertaken our activites from our own residences due to financial constraints since November 2003. But we have been cordially thankful to French Thanaka Association, Lungta Association in Czech Republic and many more sincere individuals all over the world and some of them are still supporting our projects with their best capabilities.

Seeing our deficiency in fund-collecting device, Bellevue Hospital in New York agreed to act as our ( 501c3 ) Fiscal Conduit through the Survivors' Fund . Donations our $ 10 is tax-deductible. If you want to make a donation through this device now, please click here or browse the Donation Menu for other options.

Our mission is to sustain of Tibetan culture and identity by educating young Tibetans in exile.We believe that the currently undetaken genocide by the Chinese communist regime in the occupied Tibet, will never be realized as long as Tibetan culture and language, is preserved alive in Tibetans. For culture and language are what really define national identity, we struggle for the existence of our unique Tibetan culture and langauge. And so that in a matter of time, we will prove to Chinese that their genocidal ideology is wrong and will never be known. Our focus: Tibetan Culture, Religion, Philosophy, and Language and as well as modern education.

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